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By choosing Mike Lannen for your next event, you’re not just selecting a speaker; you’re ensuring an engaging, dynamic session that educates your audience and fosters meaningful connections.

Known for his energetic delivery and actionable insights, Mike consistently achieves high satisfaction and engagement rates. His interactive sessions, filled with live demos and workshops, turn learning into an enjoyable, hands-on experience. Breaking down the complex into easily digestible bits.

With rave reviews and a track record of captivating audiences nationwide, Mike stands out as the go-to speaker for events aiming to make a meaningful, educational impact without the sales pitch.

About Mike Lannen

Mike Lannen is the Founder of Eternity, a web and digital marketing firm in Burlington, Vermont. As an Eagle Scout, Mike is wholeheartedly committed to making the web a more user-friendly space. He takes pride in building close relationships with all of his clients while keeping a watchful eye on team culture and employee satisfaction. In his downtime, Mike cherishes moments spent with his loving wife and indulging in LEGO-building adventures with his two daughters. Additionally, Mike is deeply passionate about the world of smart homes and the ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence.

As seen in NSAA Journal and Ski Area Management.

What People are Saying

"Mike Lannen of Eternity is an excellent presenter. We've been lucky to include him in our program at the annual Vermont Tourism Summit each year since 2017. His sessions are consistently among our highest rated and best attended sessions at the Vermont Tourism Summit. Here's a review from one of our 2023 event participants who attended a presentation by Mike: "This was the most informative and engaging workshop I have taken at a conference. The presenter was so authentic, funny, relatable, and knowledgeable. Gave specific practices that will be incredibly helpful." I highly recommend Mike Lannen as a presenter."

Public Speaking
Marie Romanelli
Delaney Event Management

"Mike presented at our September 2023 conference for the Vermont Lodging Association, delving into the evolving world of AI that resonated with our diverse membership. Beyond his well-prepared presentation, he seamlessly engaged in impromptu Q&A, tailoring information to individual businesses. Mike's warmth, charisma, and trusted expertise have solidified his standing as a valued resource in the New England hospitality community."

Public Speaking
Sarah Morris
Fifth Generation Host

"I can’t recommend Mike Lannen enough as a speaker. I saw him speak late last year and was impressed enough to bring him to speak at two of our conferences. His obvious grasp of the content (using Artificial Intelligence) and willingness to tailor his presentations to the needs of our audience and industry made for two fantastic, and valuable, sessions. Our audience benefited greatly from the insights Mike shared and the actionable, relatable takeaways they left with."

Public Speaking
Earl Saline
Director of Education Programming

“I attended Mike’s presentation at the Ski New Hampshire conference and was impressed with his deep knowledge of AI and its application for the ski industry. While I imagined a seminar on this subject to be somewhat dry and maybe too technical for someone with little experience with AI, it was well presented, and he was able to get as technical or as simplified as needed for the audience. I’m looking forward to future opportunities to attend AI seminars with Mike.

Public Speaking
Greg Keeler
General Manager

"Mike Lannen of Eternity was one of our featured speakers and sponsor at the 2023 SKI NY-SKIPA EXPO in Lake Placid, New York. He was on a panel session concerning using artificial intelligence in marketing and operations areas. Also, Mike hosted a seminar about ChatGPT in travel and hospitality. He carried out the seminars professionally and his information and style were very well received with the audience."

Public Speaking
Scott Brandi

"We were truly captivated by Mike Lannen's recent presentation on ChatGPT and AI at NSAA East. His deep knowledge and engaging delivery style left a lasting impression on all attendees. Mike's use of interactive props to engage the audience and ensure understanding was both entertaining and informative. He shared unique insights and valuable information aimed at enhancing our understanding of AI's capabilities and limitations, as well as its potential to revolutionize marketing practices. It was an enlightening session that left everyone with a clearer perspective on the power of AI in our industry, as well as its limitations."

Public Speaking
Meoldy Nester
Assistant Director

"What sets Mike apart is not just his deep understanding of marketing but his exceptional ability to convey complex concepts in an accessible manner. He possesses a remarkable bedside manner, ensuring that each session is educational, engaging, and free from any sales pressure. This quality is especially important to us as a bank that values the integrity of educational offerings and is cautious about not turning these sessions into sales funnels. I wholeheartedly recommend Mike to any institution seeking a knowledgeable, sincere, and engaging presenter."

Public Speaking
Jay Cummings
Marketing Director

"I was blown away by all the things that AI can do for me that I’ve been missing. But his session wasn’t just a load of information heaped on attendees; rather, it was engaging and sprinkled with humor and fun examples of how the technology can work. Mike also presented at our organization’s annual conference last spring, and his discussion on how to improve your website SEO with AI was not only well received by attendees, but many marketing experts in our industry said it was one of the most educational marketing sessions they’ve ever attended."

Public Speaking
Jessyca Keeler

"Mike Lannen has presented to our membership several times. He is an engaging and effective speaker who is very well versed on rapidly evolving subject matter. He tailors his presentation to the audience, clearly explains new concepts, solutions, and tools (most recently Artificial Intelligence), and uses relevant examples to illustrate how to use them. He thoroughly answers questions and makes sure that his audience understands the information he is conveying. Participants come away with a better understanding of the evolving landscape and how they can use the content to make their work product better and more efficient. Mike has been very well received by our audiences and I would highly recommend him as a presenter."

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Molly Mahar

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Past Speaking Experience

Mike is deeply passionate about truly educating attendees rather than selling to them. His primary goal is to ensure attendees leave excited about implementing actionable items. Ideally, Mike enjoys incorporating live demos and educational workshops into his presentations to make them highly engaging, involving the crowd, and ensuring they learn something practical.

Since 2016, he has been speaking at various conferences across the U.S. — from Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Colorado and beyond.

Mike is often requested to return to conferences due to the high attendance at his sessions and the positive feedback shared by attendees with event coordinators.

Past Presentations

  • 7 Year Speaker at: Vermont Tourism Summit on topics of SEO, Google Ads, AI + ChatGPT
  • 1 Year Speaker at NSAA East on topic of AI + ChatGPT
  • 1 Year Speaker at NSAA West on topic of AI + ChatGPT
  • 3 Year Speaker at Ski NH on on topics of SEO, Google Ads, AI + ChatGPT
  • 3 Year Speaker at Ski VT on topics of SEO, Google Ads, AI + ChatGPT
  • 1 Year Speaker at New England Summit on topics of AI + ChatGPT
  • 1 Year Speaker at Ski NY on topics of SEO, Google Ads, AI + ChatGPT
  • 2 Year Speaker at Vermont Maple on topics of SEO, Google Ads

What Mike Typically Presents On: 

Currently, Mike is primarily focused on speaking about AI + ChatGPT. However, Mike can also speak on topics related to SEO, Google Ads, Digital Marketing & Company Culture.

AI & ChatGPT: Live Training Workshop (Slide Deck)

Connect with Mike

Mike Lannen
Founder, Eternity
182 Main Street, Studio 3
Burlington, VT 05401

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