Request for Proposal (RFP)

We provide a template and tips on how to write your website design or digital marketing RFP. If you want to skip the RFP process, we would love to give you a quote and do the heavy-lifting. Contact our Burlington, VT office today.

At Eternity, we understand how having a new website crafted could seem like a complicated and stressful undertaking from the perspective of a potential client.

This is why we provide a FREE template for both a SOQ (Statement of Qualifications) and a RFP (Request for Proposal) so you can make the best decision in the vendor you chose to partner with on your new website project.

The RFQ can be sent first to a list of prospective web design and development firms. It allows you to see how quickly they respond as well as receive instant feedback on the firms that actually have interest in providing a proposal. You can then research those vendors and decide which ones you may wish to send the RFP to.

Website SOQ Template

Website RFP Template