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Eternity crafts compelling websites that turn your mission into action and awareness.

Engage visitors, inspire new members, attract media coverage, and encourage donations.

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Twenty-four years ago, Eternity set out on a mission to help nonprofits make a bigger impact online.

Our Founder, Mike Lannen began Eternity in his Champlain College dorm room in 2000. He saw too many nonprofits without a website and offered to donate his services to build most of their very first websites.

Today, our crew is proud to continue to design websites that empower your organization to reach more people and make a greater difference using tools like MODX, Wild Apricot, and NeonCRM.

You're already stretched thin with tasks

For many nonprofit organizations, the task of website creation and upkeep often becomes the responsibility of team members who are already engaged in a variety of important duties. Maybe you are part of that team?

With time being a scarce resource, these websites tend to cover just the basics, and may fail to fully capture the essence needed to engage visitors, inspire new members, attract media attention, and encourage donations.

However, a well-designed website presents a valuable opportunity to share your organization's story in a caring manner and to communicate the significance of your mission with a personal touch.

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